Boiler Service & Safety Checks - from £50 - please call for a quote

Gas appliances and boilers should be serviced regularly to ensure they are safe within your home. A boiler which has not been serviced could produce lethal levels of carbon monoxide gases which cannot be seen and are odourless. The best protection for your family is to commission an annual service for your boiler.

A well serviced boiler is also more efficient which is essential to control your heating costs.

I can inspect properties for gas safety and compliance, poorly maintained gas appliances, such as boilers, fires and cookers are the main source of carbon monoxide in the home, with inadequate ventilation increasing the problem.

All homes with gas and oil burning appliances should be checked yearly by a registered engineer who will undertake repair work and issue a Safety Certificate. For owner occupiers this is good practice, for landlords it is a legal requirement.